The Private Collection of The Tux Shop Palm Beach curated by Susan Damon. Damon, a household name in tuxedo fashion started dressing the who’s who in Palm Beach County over 30 years ago is now serving the industry nation-wide. The Private Label features formal white and black tie classics.

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White Tie

Full evening dress for only the most formal of occasions.

Black Tailcoat

Peak formalwear style. The classic look of a White Tie formalwear is completed with this tailcoat made of 100% luxurious wool. Purchased with trousers.

White Pique Bow Tie

There's nothing more timeless than a classy white cotton bow tie. Your choice of ready-tied with adjustable strap or self-tied.

White Pocket Silk

Hand-rolled, white pocket silk to add a touch of luxury to your full White Tie ensemble. Available in one size.

Wing Collar Pique Shirt

This iconic tuxedo shirt is essential for a complete White Tie look. Designed with a classic wing collar, pique bib and double cuff, this shirt will pair perfectly with your outfit.

White Pique Vest

This white cotton pique vest is adjustable and backless for comfortable ease of motion. Regular sizing as well as big and tall sizing available.

Mother of Pearl Jewlery

Polished silver Mother of Pearl cufflinks and studs make a statement, get a complete set of formal jewelry to add your personal style.