The Private Collection of The Tux Shop Palm Beach curated by Susan Damon. Damon, a household name in tuxedo fashion started dressing the who’s who in Palm Beach County over 30 years ago is now serving the industry nation-wide. The Private Label features formal white and black tie classics.

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Samuelsohn Package

Performance never looked so professional.

Black/Navy Ice Wool Peak Tuxedo

Black or Navy Ice Wool Peak Tuxedo crafted with exclusive Ice Wool Super 150s performance fabric. The coat is purchased with nested trousers.

Euro Spread French Cuffs Shirt

A modern white shirt with French cuff and a euro spread collar. High quality and breathable material. Made with 100% cotton.

Silk Bow Tie

Luxurious black bow tie made of either silk or engineered satin fabric to complete your outfit. This accessory may be purchased by itself. Self-tied and ready-tied options available.

Black Suspenders

Formal black suspenders made of either premium quality silk fibers or engineered satin. Available in traditional length and extra tall sizing for the bigger guys.

White Pocket Square (Silk)

Choose between fine 100% silk or engineered satin fabric white pocket square to add a touch of luxury to your full Black Tie tuxedo ensemble. Available in one size.


Traditional high socks are a must! Pair these breathable, microfiber dress socks with your personal outfit.

Onyx Jewelry

Polished silver onyx cufflinks and studs make a statement, get a complete set of formal jewelry to add your personal style.